Music Production In Schools Has Landed

You may or may not be aware that it is now possible to study for grades 1-8 in music production in the same way that you would study for your grade 3 violin or grade 4 piano.

South East Creative Arts are now offering services in your area that can augment your existing provision working alongside your current instrumental tutors.

It doesn’t cost the school anything as all lessons are billed to parents in the same way as your piano or guitar lessons would be. Plus we provide all the equipment with our portable mac suites.

Music technology is a great aid to learning music and music theory especially. Best of all it doesn’t cost the school anything. As well as individual tutors, we are now thrilled to be offering regular group music production classes with our portable mac suites.

  • Classes cover everything from music theory, creative composition, recording techniques, sound design, music to film, listening skills, songwriting, performance skills and more.
  • Both secondary and primary schools are catered for and needless to say, all age groups enjoy and get a lot out of their lessons.
  • We supply all the equipment and lessons are billed to parents in the same way as guitar or piano lessons, so it doesn’t cost the school anything.
  • Parents pay a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons
  • Tutors are either experienced music practitioners or real studio engineers with industry experience.
  • CDs are produced at the end of every term. Students enjoy seeing their efforts rewarded with something they can take away and music departments have tangible evidence of learning.
  • Vast array of professional audio production software covered – Ableton, Logic, Maschine etc.

Along with being able to work towards Rockschool Grades 1-8 throughout their time with us, our service can offer a real boost to school music departments.