Our Approach

At South East Creative Arts our approach has been developed around integrating pioneering new technology such as iPads and virtual learning to support the student in their lessons and create a highly enriched learning environment.

Where possible we try to break away from the current standardised, linear model of education and create a substantially more individualised learning structure based around the interests of each student.

Integrating Technology

By adopting technology such as iPads and the internet, we can not only enhance the delivery of our lessons but thoroughly enrich the learning experience for the student. It is in this area that we are leading our field, bringing music education into the 21st century.

Using the myriad of apps and resources available to us on the iPads coupled with our virtual learning environment we can offer a highly supportive framework to help learners progress.

It is also necessary to update music education to reflect the realisties and needs of today’s music industry. Music technology plays a huge part in modern music production and performance. Almost all the records that are released today have been recorded and processed through a digital audio workstation at some point, so we feel technology should be implemented on a much more integrated level.

Creativity is the future

There is a growing recognition within education of the need to provide more support to students who aren’t necessarily academic. We recognise that writing a song or creating a piece of art isnt going to solve all the worlds problems overnight. However, by giving students the opportunity to be creative, we are allowing them the opportunity to hone skills in a variety of areas such as critical and creative thinking, self-evaluation, self-expression and will give them the confidence to create something where there was nothing before.

The problems of the future will need creative solutions from creative people, and we feel strongly that children should have the opportunity to try out different outlets for their energies. They might discover they have a partcular skill in a certain discipline or just benefit from the freedom of letting their imagination run wild.

We need to build upon the good work that has already begun in this area and praise those responsible for bringing the issue into the mainstream. However, we recognize that there is still a long way to go. The current education system is gradually becoming outdated and runs the risk of becoming out of touch with the future.

It is our aim to offer as wider range of skills as possible within a creative educational format by branching out into new ideas such as our creative thinking and guitar building courses. This adds a whole new angle to the relationship of creative design and music as well as giving learners a solid foundation to build from.

We believe that the arts are just as important as any of the other subject taught in schools. It is our goal to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to try out different disciplines and discover where their talents lie. Then to help them nurture it into something they and others can enjoy, for the rest of their lives.

Society depends on a huge diversity of talent, let us not squander creative talent for fear that it may distract students from more academic studies.

About us

South East Creative Arts started life in 2011. It was set up by two friends looking to re-invent the way learning a musical instrument was being delivered. Since we began, our approach has been refined and a huge emphasis laid on maximising pupil potential. We thought it a shame that so many young people were giving up on learning a musical instrument because their tutors were uninspiring and their teaching methods tired. The company was set up to change all that and breathe new life into music tuition.

After the initial success and positive feedback from schools, students and parents alike, we realised that our approach and enthusiasm was being well received.

South East Creative Arts now operates Drama, Film, Photography, Digital Art and Street Dance classes as well as DJ skills, Music production and a whole host of instrumental tuition (on 20 different instruments). We offer services to schools and community projects across the South East of England and look forward to helping as many people as possible to find and nurture their creative talent.